For God sent his Son into the world not to judge the world, but so that through him the world might be saved

John 3. 17

Letter from the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales


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You will have heard in the news that places of worship will be able to hold services with congregations from July 4th. These will continue to be subject to restrictions in the interests of peoples’ health and safety, and the continued control of the covid-19 virus. These restrictions include continued social distancing, numbers of people able to attend services and hygiene and sanitisation measures. Please read the statement from the Archbishops of England which has been sent out with this week’s newsletter.


Bishop Alan and the Diocese are considering the situation carefully and will be sending guidance as soon as possible to the parishes. The situation for us is more complex as we continue to be without a parish priest and Bishop Alan is well aware of the need to address this. Many of the priests who have assisted us before the ‘lockdown’ are in the ‘shielding’ category of people or are in the ‘moderately’ vulnerable group of people, and need to be particularly careful. Many of our parishioners are also in these groups and we need to ensure that what we do is in their best interests as well as our own.


This does not mean that we cannot move forward in our public and private worship, even though our ability to celebrate Mass may still be a little way off. Several of the people who have come to St Felix for private prayer have commented how good and helpful it is to be able to pray in church before the Blessed Sacrament, and when this is possible, with Exposition. The prayerfulness of these times is palpable and people have been patient and tolerant of the necessary intrusion of the Covid security requirements. Thank you for that.


These times for private prayer will continue subject to the conditions already in place, and from July 4th we can also begin to pray together again – praying the Rosary together as previously in St Felix on Friday mornings, The Angelus at appropriate times, Exposition concluding with Evening Prayer and Benediction are all possibilities. All the while our Church leaders will be considering ways we will again be able to celebrate the heart of our Faith in the Mass. We will give you what information we can in the newsletter as we have it. In the meantime please pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit as we continue to move on in our lives of worship and prayer.

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