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Parish Groups

We have a number of different groups and organisations working within our parish. At these groups, people come together to work, to socialise and to show their dedication to God and their community. Please find further information on some of our parish groups below. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to become a member or if you are looking for a way to become more involved in the parish community.

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Welcome Group

The Ministry of Welcome makes an important contribution to our faith community. How people are greeted and welcomed can make a real difference to their personal experience and enables us to ensure that everyone who walks through our doors feels that they are valued, respected and an important part of St Felix Parish.


At St Felix we have a group of volunteers who provide a 'Welcome' to those attending services; there is a rota for Saturday and Sunday masses and for Christmas and Easter, First Communion, Confirmation and other special occasions we put out an appeal for those who are available to provide a 'Welcome' to Parishioners and visitors alike.

Parish Council

The Parish Council are a group made up of parishioners alongside the Parish Priest and Deacon who meet four times a year. Their mission statement is: 'We, the people of St Felix Parish, Haverhill and its neighbourhood seek to be a welcoming community of faith, actively sharing the Gospel.

Working as a partnership of clergy and laypeople, we aim to deepen our faith in Jesus Christ and to develop our prayer life.

We strive to be a visible and active presence in our local town and its surrounding area, committed to working with other churches and the local community, in loving service of others both here and in the wider world.'

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Justice and Peace

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In Evangeli Gaudium [The Joy of the Gospel], Pope Francis writes:

“An authentic faith… always involves a deep desire to change the world, to transmit values, to leave

this earth somehow better than we found it. We love this magnificent planet on which God has put us,

and we love the human family which dwells here, with all its tragedies and struggles, its hopes and

aspirations, its strengths and weaknesses. The earth is our common home and all of us are brothers

and sisters” (EG§183)

The St. Felix J&P group aspires to facilitate and support our parish in its work for justice and peace

in local and global situations through raising awareness of needs, prayer and practical aid.

Our activities include:

  • Co-ordinating the parish’s long term support for the work of CAFOD and PAX CHRISTI.

  • We also promote FAIRTRADE and a monthly Fairtrade stall is held in the church.

  • More locally, St. Felix parishioners generously support Haverhill Food Bank.

  • We liaise with Haverhill & District Churches Together to celebrate the annual World Day of Prayer organised by women around the world

  • We seek to co-operate with other justice and peace groups in the area.

  • The J&P group organises a Mass on January 1st to enable the parish to begin each year with prayer for world peace focusing on the Pope’s message for world peace which is sent to the leaders of all nations on that day.

Much of what we do is small but we believe that the accumulation of our small things achieves

something of significance! As Mother Teresa said:

“Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love”

St Felix J&P Group meets on the first Thursday of alternate months [February, April, June, August,

October and December] at 7.30 p.m. in the church. We would welcome new members,

If you are interested in finding out more just come along to a meeting or contact:

Linda Pector – 01440 705966

Sue Arnold – 01223 894022

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