Booking for Palm Sunday, Holy Week Services and Easter Services

in St Felix Church

We will now offering places for Palm Sunday morning, the Triduum and Easter Day by asking you to book places for these services on Palm Sunday at 10am, Maundy Thursday at 7.30pm, Good Friday afternoon at 3pm, Holy Saturday night at 8pm and on Easter Sunday at 10am.


To book a place for any of the above services please email Fr John at or call him on 01440 702156 to reserve your seat (Please do not leave a message if there is no answer to your call and call back if it related to booking for Holy Week or Easter services)


When booking we will need the following information

Which Holy Week or Easter Service (i.e: Good Friday 3pm etc)

You can book places for more than one service in one email booking please just state which and how many people for each one. Thank you


Names of everyone requiring a seat (for NHS Test & Trace)


Their contact phone numbers (for NHS Test & Trace)


Number in group (please indicate if you are a household and can sit together or individual people who need to socially distance)


Those who email will receive a confirmation email that a seat or seats have been reserved.  


Those who phone will receive confirmation that a seat or seats have been reserved during the call.


With thanks and every blessing and prayers, Fr John